iPhone and iPod Covering

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iPhone and iPod Covering


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Twittollower: a simple tool gains massive Twitter Followers

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Watch The Video

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To Grasp the Super Natural

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It is impossible for a natural being to grasp even the most elementary of the super-natural laws, because there are no constructs of understanding to which it can relate. Extreme pressures applied to the known laws, do thereby nullify them, resulting in an incomprehensible application of influence by super-natural which supersedes the function of the natural, until there are no longer any known relationships to point too, ‘as being natural’ resulting in that no longer be perceived, ‘as natural’, but super-natural.

Beyond the natural, are thinly veiled but perceivable realities, where the monumental events of beings of awe, and wonder do express themselves! Creatures obscured of unbelievable nature, a ‘super-natural nature’ observing, influencing and intervening into the very fabric of the natural world. Guiding the course of man’s nature to, a being which knows the nature of the unseen i.e. ‘The Super -Natural’- the super position of spirit from all living things where the only source of infinite power and understanding of all that is. Within the Super-verse, is teeming with all of its multi-layered pan-dimensional realities of Life.

The intended influential nature of that, which is called ‘evil’, is by design, pervasive throughout the formation of the ‘natural hu-man psyche’, where an ‘inherent void’ is formed in its genesis, which must be nurtured and reared within the confines of the natural laws, to its eventual transcendent maturity. Therefore without the necessary ability to comprehend what is occurring within the mind, man responds in the only way he could, with fear, doubt, ‘confusion’, and dismay.

Fearing that which he did not understand through any prior exposure. The traducer through those inherent qualities of the hu-man psyche i.e. consciousness, intention, and emotion became reactionary in its relationship to the truth, therefore twisting it to be conform to the now perceived natural laws, which caused the man to question his very origin, and validity, therefore questioning the very foundation upon which he was formed and instructed.

He then began to believe in the twisting of the super natural laws, into natural, which prior, he had been eternally accustomed, as he experiences the natural laws, they began to debase him into a lowly carnal creature, and then from that point on, the hu-man physic began to relate to his environment through this newly gestated evil of fear, and doubt. At this onset in this dulled and unfamiliar environment, he began to function as a physical being, disregarding his super-natural origin, conversely behaving ‘as’ a mere hu-man creature.

As the indulgences of his hu-man desire began overwhelmed his super-nature, bit-by-bit, and now day-by-day, until he will subsequently loose the ability to converse with the super-natural, all together. From then on he has become the self-determinative factor within his natural plane, he suspends it by the acceptance of the substances of low energies i.e. particulate and wave, being his interpretive interaction.

Which causes him to process his surrounding environment as being reality, when it is a perception of fear through what he now sees as reality. Thereby building for his mind ‘a cognitive prison’ which is so believably strong that there are no means by which he can break free from it with his adherence to his acceptance of natural surroundings.

The Shroud of Turin proof of the Resurrection

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The Shroud of Turin

ACORN Denied government funding

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