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Circuit Life

Eye Turned Inside

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Eye Turned Inside

I want to tell about a person I met;

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A few years back well more than a few, they are a centered and brave being, even under pressure, unbelievably so. Willing to bring clarity, and focus on the issue at hand, with amazing precision and grace, but simplistic, always ready to take the lead and not just “a spectator.” Someone who would take the time to stop, and reflect, with a tremendous passion for life, people, everyone they acted and reacted with throughout the day to day experience. All who inner acted with them would respond with admiration and a pleasant experience to keep and call their own.

As the time pasts, life’s obstacles would test the strength of their character and in the end would stand “victorious.” Someone who’s nature would cause an involuntary reaction of an amazing new found friend, for life! Someone who would always rise, and rise again and again to face whatever came. Never beaten by any of past memories or situations, but who operates at a higher frequency then most, more than most honestly. They always there to extend a hand to help any and all who needed it, without hesitation or recompense but always in a spirit of giving. And this quality of character has been the standard by which this person lives life every day without fail.        


“want me to tell you who this is…?”

Its you…

iPhone and iPod Covering

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iPhone and iPod Covering


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Twittollower: a simple tool gains massive Twitter Followers

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Watch The Video

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